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Year 4 - Mrs Cramp & Mrs Reynolds





Welcome to our Year 4 team

Mrs Cramp Year 4 Teacher (Mon, Tues and  Wed)

    Mrs Reynolds - Year 4 Teacher (Thurs and Fri)

     Mrs Brentnall - Class TA and SEN TA

Mrs Thornley and Mrs Wagg - SEN 1-1 TAs

    Mrs Albinson and  Mrs Brentnall - TA - Covers PPA


Happy New Year and welcome back. This half term we will be immersing ourselves in Tudor life, learning about how the Tudor period began, who the prominent people were as well as building a Tudor Doctor's surgery database to develop our ICT skills. In literacy we'll be diary and playscript writing, whilst in numeracy we'll be working on multiplication and division skills. 

Art will focus on Tudor art and we'll study the Royal Portrait artists and PE will be OAA and Net games. 

We can't wait to get started with you all!

Mrs Cramp, Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Brentnall 



Please look at the website as we will put photos on the gallery page

to share our learning experiences with you all.

Times Table Activities!

Times Table Songs! - 3 Times Table - 4 Times Table - 6 Times Table - 8 Times Table

This term we will be focussing on our schools Recovery Curriculum 



Our Recovery Curriculum aims to restore the mental health and rebuild the resilience of our pupils to allow them to become learners again by:

· Recognising the experiences had by all.

· Restoring trust and relationships with staff.

· Re-establishing friendships and social interactions.

· Regaining structure and routine.

· Rebuilding a sense of community.

· Regulating their emotions and managing behaviours.

· Re-engaging them in learning.

· Preparing them for transition. 

· Explore and tune into individual needs, anxieties and worries which may have surfaced.