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Year 3/4 - Mr B Jones

Welcome to our Year 3/4 team




The Amazing Team!

Welcome to our wonderful Year 3 and 4 class.



During this year, we will embrace your child’s needs and differences as we immerse them in creative learning.

We strongly believe that children need the confidence to learn and develop.

We aim to give every child the ability to flourish and gain in confidence and skills.

This will enable your child, armed with the right attitude to succeed,

to be the best they can possibly be.

Please feel free to talk to us about your child. It is very important that we work together

as a team.

Your child’s happiness and any concerns are very important to us.


We've successfully navigated our way through our first term and although we will be continuing with the principles of the recovery curriculum, our new topic is


Plants Versus People

Do you know what each part of a plant is called? Do you have what it takes to keep a plant alive? In our plants versus people topic we’ll take on this challenge and many more, working as scientists to uncover the names, roles and science behind the world’s vital organisms. Check out our knowledge organiser to get confident with the vocabulary needed in this unit.

Year 3 numeracy also be covering money, multiplication and division and area.

Year 4 numeracy will cover fractions and decimals.

Our Literacy works focuses on biographies of many famous people and we will learn how to write one of our own. Then we move onto the wonderful work of Anthony Browne. We will be reading and comparing two of his incredibly illustrated books during the unit.

In art we’ll be looking at another nature loving artist, Jan Hendrix and in DT creating our own culinary masterpiece by learning many practical life and kitchen skills. 


We are all very excited!

Please look at the website as we will put photos on the gallery page to share our learning experiences with you all.


Thank you.

Mr Jones, Mrs Nittayawan, Mrs Jones and the Year 3 team

Times Table Activities!

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