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Year 3 - Mrs K Wainwright (Miss C Townsend)

Welcome to our Year 3 team


Mrs. Wainwright - Class Teacher  Mrs. Holland - Teaching Assistant


Mrs. Jamieson also works in our class on a Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs Wagg & Mrs Thornley - Support Teaching Assistants


Welcome to our wonderful Year 3 class


Well done Year 3s you have completed another term in the juniors. You have been so resilient, resourceful and responsible during this half term. It has been fabulous to all have been back together for a few weeks at the end of this half term


Roman Invasion

Do you think you could be a Roman Soldier and be successful in the Roman Army. You will be under the watchful to Emperor Titus and his trusted Centurions - Centurion Burkeus, Centurion Crampus, Centurion Joneo and Centurion Wainwrightus.

You will be asked to complete a variety of tasks which will need to impress Emperor Titus.

This will include knowing what Roman Soldiers wear and need; investigating how the Roman Empire expanded; looking at Roman life; building Roman Roads and understanding the legacy they left behind.


In Literacy we will send time writing Non-Chronological Reports about the Roman Empire and then we will spend some time writing playscripts based on a Roman Soldier Dum Spiro.


Year 3 numeracy will cover Fractions and Time.


In art we’ll be looking at a variety of Roman art ideas including Mosaics, designing shields and Emperor Collages.


We will alsp begin some Music lessons from Hot House - we will be learning how to play the ukulele over the next two terms.


We are all very excited!

Please look at the website as we will put photos on the gallery page to share our learning experiences with you all.


Thank you.

 Mrs Wainwright, Mrs Holland

and the Year 3 team 

Recovery Curriculum 





Our Recovery Curriculum aims to restore the mental health and rebuild the resilience of our pupils to allow them to become learners again by:

· Recognising the experiences had by all.

· Restoring trust and relationships with staff.

· Re-establishing friendships and social interactions.

· Regaining structure and routine.

· Rebuilding a sense of community.

· Regulating their emotions and managing behaviours.

· Re-engaging them in learning.

· Preparing them for transition. 

· Explore and tune into individual needs, anxieties and worries which may have surfaced.