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Year 2 - Miss Daley

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Miss Daley- Teacher   Mrs Bull & Mrs Palmer -  Teaching Assistant     


Spring 2

The Great Fire of London


We cannot wait to step back in time to discover what life was like for the people of London in 1666. 
What were the homes like? What jobs did they have? Was it safe?

We have so many questions that we need to find the answer to using books, posters and the internet. 

Throughout this topic, we encourage the children to work collaboratively to create timelines, fact books and art work. We will also investigate historical figures such as Samuel Pepys and review the events of the Great Fire of London. Our class will explore what Tudor houses were like and we will use our Design and Technology skills to create our own model Tudor houses. 


To find out more about our learning this term please have a look at our topic skills and vocabulary mats on the links below. 



Our focus is our Recovery Curriculum




Our Recovery Curriculum aims to restore the mental health and rebuild the resilience of our pupils to allow them to become learners again by:

· Recognising the experiences had by all.

· Restoring trust and relationships with staff.

· Re-establishing friendships and social interactions.

· Regaining structure and routine.

· Rebuilding a sense of community.

· Regulating their emotions and managing behaviours.

· Re-engaging them in learning.

· Preparing them for transition.

· Explore and tune into individual needs, anxieties and worries which may have surfaced.





Great Fire of London 2021- Spring 2