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Year 2 - Miss Daley

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Miss Daley- Teacher   Mrs Bull & Mrs Palmer -  Teaching Assistant     


Summer 1 







We cannot wait to begin our topic 'Seasides'. To launch our topic we will head off on our Seaside Day at school taking part in a barefoot walk through water, sand, pebbles, kale and jelly before enjoying a delicious ice pop at the beach shack. Treasure hunts, kite flying and beach games are just a few of the other fun activities to launch this topic. 

After that, the children will begin to investigate different seaside locations around the UK before venturing abroad. We need to check out which season we'd like to go on holiday for, so we will learn all about the different seasons. As well as this, we'll step back in time to find out what seaside locations were like in the olden days, learning about bathing huts and Punch and Judy shows before finally presenting all of our work.

Alongside this in Science we'll investigate different animal species, identify how animals change as they grow from babies to adults and think about how animals are suited to their environments. 


Thankyou for sharing all of your holiday pictures the children have loved talking about them as part of their show and tell work. 



Our focus is our Recovery Curriculum




Our Recovery Curriculum aims to restore the mental health and rebuild the resilience of our pupils to allow them to become learners again by:

· Recognising the experiences had by all.

· Restoring trust and relationships with staff.

· Re-establishing friendships and social interactions.

· Regaining structure and routine.

· Rebuilding a sense of community.

· Regulating their emotions and managing behaviours.

· Re-engaging them in learning.

· Preparing them for transition.

· Explore and tune into individual needs, anxieties and worries which may have surfaced.





Great Fire of London 2021- Spring 2