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Year 2


Today we are going to move from adding two 2-digit numbers to subtracting them instead. We will use the partitioning written method for this again but it is usually something that we need to practise lots before we are confident with it. So, we will practise this skill today and tomorrow. If you don't feel confident enough to try the prove it and use it activities today then that's ok you could come back to them tomorrow.  



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is a guided mindfulness session aimed at children in order to support relaxation and mental focus.


In Key Stage One phonics is taught in phonics groups rather than classes. The phonics groups each work at a different ability level, therefore there are different phonics videos for each group. Your child will know who their phonics teacher is, but if you need clarification please message your child's class teacher on class dojo for confirmation. 

Please see the links below.

Mrs Naylor's phonics group 13.1.21


Miss Daley's phonics group 13.1.21


Mrs Bull's phonics group 13.1.21

     Spellings to learn 

The children will receive a weekly set of spellings to learn. The spellings are matched to their ability level in phonics. Each week we would like the children to learn these spellings ready for a weekly spelling quiz on Tuesday's. 


Today we have been set a challenge to begin collecting ideas for our very own poem. Look through the English PowerPoint first to find out more...



Use the powerpoint to recap the names of materials - Wood, plastic, metal, paper, glass, rubber, and their different properties e.g. smooth and rough. . 


Recap the messy Morris story and then read on to Page 12 Where is he now and Why is he there? What does this place do? Introduce the term recycling and that products can be recycled to make new items. This is a recycling centre


We need to help Morris to clear up his home and to make it all clean again, so we need to recycle all of the different items that he found from the rubbish.


Does anyone recycle at home? What do you recycle and how? (Card, paper, metal, glass, compost, batteries at supermarkets, garden waste)


Let’s learn to recycle

Play the game -



Let’s identify and classify objects to be recycled by their property

Can you sort the materials into the correct boxes below thinking carefully about the property of the material? If you are unable to print the following pages, write the properties at the top and ask the children to think about items we recycle which are have these properties and draw them/ write them underneath.



Let's finish– Read through the messy magpie – All about recycling ppt. Show the children the different items which can be recycled and what is done with them.


There are also two ‘Did you know’ programmes on Cbeebies which could be watched this week to learn more about recycling.

Story time 

Each day there will be a story or poem read to the children by a member of the Key Stage One team. 

Please see the link below for the story today. We hope you enjoy it.