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Year 2


Today in maths we will continue to practise adding two 2-digit numbers using the partitioning written method. If you are already feeling really confident with this then try our extra challenges adding two 2-digit numbers that cross the tens barrier. 

Spellings Activity 

Today's spelling task is all about Common Exception words. These are words that are spelt in an unusual way. They are exceptions to spelling rules or words which use a particular combination of letters to represent sound patterns in an uncommon way. Please see the link below for a list of the common exception words in Key Stage One. You can choose 10 or more of these words to learn to spell. 


If your child would like an extra challenge they can also try to learn to spell the names of numbers too. For example: 25 = twenty five. 


Let's try writing a poem about the seaside today using a template to help us.




Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is a guided mindfulness session aimed at children in order to support relaxation and mental focus.

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) 


Our topic for this half term is Going for Goals. In today's session we are going to focus on learning from our own experiences and the experiences of others whilst considering our learn to learn skills too (responsibility, resourcefulness, reflectivity, reciprocity, respectfulness and resilience). 


Task 1:

Can you think of a film or a book where the character(s) are trying to achieve something and they have to keep working at it? Have a look at the pictures below to give you some ideas. 


Once you have decided what film or story you are focusing on, can you discuss the following questions?


-What goals did the character(s) set?

-How did they achieve the goals?

-Did they achieve them quickly?

-Which of our learn to learn skills did they use to meet their goals? (responsibility, resourcefulness, reflectivity, reciprocity, respectfulness and resilience). 


Task 2: 

Can you write about the storyline of your character(s) achieving their goal? Try to include information about the setting as well as the character(s) and the task they achieved. 


Task 3: 

Ask your child  to discuss a time when they have used their learn to learns skills in their learning? E.g. resourceful: getting Math equipment when they need it or a phonics sound mat. E.g. resilient when learning difficult spellings. E.g. reflective: remembering what we have already learnt to help you with new learning such as addition and subtraction skills for number bonds. 

P.E (Physical Education)


Today in P.E we are going to try some 2 minute challenges. You can show your class teacher your amazing fitness challenges using class dojo (messages or portfolio). 


2 minutes of running on the spot

2 minutes of jumping jacks

2 minutes of hopping (on each leg)

2 minutes of side stepping (galloping) 

2 minutes of skipping on the spot

2 minutes of press ups

2 minutes of sit ups

2 minutes of the plank

2 minutes of high knees on the spot



Today's handwriting task is outlined in videos which can be found via the link below. 


The resources needed to support the handwriting task are below. 

Story time 

Each day there will be a story or poem read to the children by a member of the Key Stage One team. 

Please see the link below for the story today. We hope you enjoy it.