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Year 2


Today we will complete our final shape lesson and we will be using a different diagram to sort our 3D shapes. Our diagram today is called a Carroll diagram. 

Spelling quiz

The weekly spelling quiz is a an opportunity to see which words your child can spell independently.

The spelling quiz should focus on the spelling words that were given out last Wednesday that match your child's ability (please see last Wednesday's home learning page for the spellings). 

The spelling quiz is held each Tuesday and if you would like to share the results of the quiz with your child's class teacher they can do this via class dojo.
The spelling quiz is carried out by an adult saying the word aloud and putting it into context (e.g. The word to spell is "plate", "can you put your plate in the sink?". Then the child can write it down and move onto the next word by repeating this process. 




Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The image below describes how to carry out a calming mindfulness activity. 


In English today, we are going to continue writing our letter to Mum. Today we will write all about or incredible adventures as 3 different paragraphs. each paragraph will be about one part of the adventure just as we planned last week. I have shown you my example with lots of detail and then you can choose whether to include lots of detail like me or a little bit less.

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) 


Our topic for this half term is Going for Goals. In today's session we are going to focus on exploring how to reach our goals even when it gets frustrating, boring or we begin to feel less resilient.


Task 1:
Do you know what these words mean? Are they are the same feeling?




Let's research what the words mean. You could ask an adult what these words mean or watch the video below.


Task 2:

Watch the role play in the videos below.

Miss Daley is trying to reach her goal by finishing her colouring picture. Let's see what happens.

How do you think Miss Daley is feeling about reaching her goal now? What could she do to still reach her goal? Do you think she will give up?


Task 3:

Sometimes when we try to reach a goal we might feel frustrated, bored or upset. Let's think of some ways to stay resilient to reach our goal. Can you create a poster about how to overcome frustration and reach our goals?

Here are some ideas for your poster... 


• Keep the goal in mind – see the big picture

• Say encouraging things to yourself

• Imagine the end result

• Set yourself a reward for completing the task

• Break down the task and promise yourself a reward for completing each part of the task

• Have a break, do something completely different, sleep on it, walk around

• Ask others for help


Safer internet day

Today, we are thinking about how to stay safe online.
Using the link below can you learn some E-safety rules and ideas.
The link below has 4 learning videos for the children to listen to.


P.E (Physical Education)
Today in P.E we are going to try a variety of challenges set by the APE (Association for Physical Education).

You can show your class teacher your amazing skills using class dojo (messages or portfolio). 


Lesson 1: Co-ordination with ball skills

Lesson 2: Footwork patterns

Lesson 3: Throwing for accuracy