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Year 1/2 - Mrs Chaudry

Welcome to Year 1 & 2


Our Team



Mrs Chaudry - Class teacher

Miss Oldham & Mrs Palmer - Teaching Assistants

 Mrs McCormick & Mrs Thomas - Support Teaching Assistants



Summer 1

We will begin the term completing our lovely teddy bears. We will be practising sewing, cutting clothes for the teddy bear and evaluating our work. We look forward to sharing these with you;. 


This term we will also begin our topic - Rumble in the Jungle. 


During Science we will investigate different groups of animals including; birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and insects. We will identify their features, investigate their habitats and how they have adapted to where they live. 


Spring 2



This term we will put on our 'History hats' to explore toys through time, investigating how the teddy bear got its name and how teddy bears have changed over the last 100 years. In Science we will look at different materials toys are made out of and how these materials have changed over time and why. The children will have the opportunity to bring in a toy and take it in turns to listen and speak to each other. 

In DT we will begin to research stuffed toys, gather our ideas, make designs and then create our very own teddy bears. 


We cannot wait to get started! 



Spring 1

Up, up and away


We cannot wait for you to come and join us as we explore our school, our locality and the countries which make up the United Kingdom. After that we will set off around the world touching down in countries along the way to learn more about their weather, land use, language, culture and tourist attractions. Along the way we will investigate the Continents and Oceans of the world; we'll create flags for the different countries we touch down in and we will bring all our knowledge back to help us formulate a design for a piece of land next to our school. Will we include the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or create our own mountain range? Throughout our exploration of the world we will use our geographical vocabulary to describe the places we visit. 


During our travels we will investigate the work of famous people including Claude Monet and Joseph Wright as well as taking part in themed days and celebrations. 


We cannot wait to begin. 


If you would like to find out more about this term's topic please click on the skills document and vocabulary document below.




Autumn 2

Light and Dark





We cannot wait to begin our topic 'Light and Dark'. To launch our topic we will travel back in time to discover who Guy Fawkes was and how he is linked to bonfires and fireworks. We will also be creating firework art pieces too. 

In our Science lessons we will be completing an investigation into the different types of materials and their properties. We will create reflective jackets to protect our teddies on the Road Safety walk. This will also support the development of the Key Stage One working scientifically skills. 

Later on in the half term, our scientific exploration will take us through the changing seasons this half term. Using our sensory garden and forest school to support our learning about the hibernation and migration of animals will be a great hands-on experience. 


This half term also brings us Anti-Bullying Week, Diwali Celebrations, Road Safety Week and Christmas celebrations.  




If your child tests positive for COVID, the teacher will contact you via Class Dojo to share home learning websites and to let you know when their home learning pack of work will be available from collection at the school office or sent home via a sibling. 


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