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Year 1


Keep practising phonics digraphs by watching at the video's below. Daily phonics will begin from Monday as part of our home schooling. 



Phase 3 digraphs

Phase 3 Jolly phonics digraphs songs



This week in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar we are focussing on writing sentences. In the classroom we teach the children to 'think it, say it, write it and check it'. Below are some dictated sentences which will support the children through this process. 

Please find some lined paper, or draw lines on plain paper. 

Dictated sentences

  • Explain that you're going to say a sentence that they will be writing down.
  • Say the whole sentence to your child.
  • Say the whole sentence again and encourage your child to say it aloud with you. Repeat this a couple of times to model the 'say it' process. The children could also count the words on their fingers so they can check they have the correct number when they 'check it'.
  • Say the sentence aloud again together encouraging them to write each word down using their phonics. Remind them about finger spaces, checking their letters begin in the correct place. If they're unsure of phonics sounds the sound mats are attached below. 
  • Now 'Check it'. Re-read the sentence together to make sure it has all the words in it. Does it have a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end?
  • Celebrate and repeat the above process with the next sentence.


Please ask your child which phonics group they usually attend in school. Complete the sentences for that phonics group. 


Mrs Heald's Phonics group

The man can see a goat. 

My fish and chips are on a dish.

We can see the rain on the car.

I can get on the bus and go into town.  


Mrs Jamieson/Mrs Carrington's Phonics group

I can hear an owl hoot at night. 

It is fun to camp in a tent. 

The frog jumps in the pond and swims off. 

A crab crept into the crack in the rock. 


Mrs Naylor's Phonics group

The frog jumps in the pond and swims off. 

A crab crept into the crack in the rock and got stuck. 

We play in the street on rainy days. 

The sky was dark and lightning crashed all around. 


Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is a guided mindfulness session aimed at children in order to support relaxation and mental focus.



Shared Reading 

Shared reading teaches children the comprehension skills shown below and encourages the children to discuss their understanding of the story as well as the language used by the author.


Read the story to your child and click on the question marks to see the questions linked to each page. This story could be read over a few days, discuss the questions and find the answers within the story. If your child is unsure of the answer show them in the text or explain how you know the answer. 


PE (Physical Education)


As the weather begins to get colder we have decided to begin our yoga PE lessons. Today we would like you to try the yoga poses in this cosmic yoga video which includes a special visitor that you might enjoy seeing. We hope you enjoy your yoga lesson.