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Year 1



Today we will continue our work on subtraction but we will be subtracting 1-digit numbers from a 2-digit number. Look through the PowerPoint to learn about the methods that we will use today and then work through the resources below choosing how much you want to challenge yourself. There are 2 options for the know it task today and you can choose which one you want to do depending on how confident you feel. 



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is a guided meditation aimed at children to support relaxation and mental focus.



Today we will be learning about how to perform a poem. A good performance helps the person watching to enjoy listening to and watching the poem. A good performer tries to do these things when then read their poem outload:

  • They learn all or part of them poem of by heart (recite the poem)
  • They use a loud and clear voice
  • They add actions
  • They use expression


Today we would like you to pick one of the poems from yesterday (this could be a poem from school or from home) and try to learn part or all of it and then perform this. You should try to use as many of the skills we have described above. Why not ask a grown up to film your performance and send it to the adults at school so that we can see how amazing your poem is. 

Good luck!



Each week in handwriting we will be learning about a group/family of letters that all follow a similar pattern. This week we are learning all about the zig zag letter family.

Have a look at the picture below, you could practise these letters on a whiteboard, on paper, in the sand or with bath crayons. 

Attached below are two activities -

Tracing inside the zigzag letter is a great introduction to the shapes of the zig zag letters and will support children who find writing these letters tricky. 


Zigzag monster letters and words pages 13-14 provides the next level of support showing your child how tall each of these letters should be and where they should sit on the handwriting lines. Your child can trace the letters and then have a go independently trying to stay in the same lines and then practise further with words. 


Please choose the handwriting task appropriate for your child.


If a printer isn't available, write the letters with a highlighter or felt tip and ask your child to write over the top ensuring they begin in the correct place. You could draw the handwriting lines on plain paper and ask them to complete the letters within the handwriting lines (Look at zigzag monster letters for guidance)



Topic - Dinosaurs

We cannot wait to begin our new topic about dinosaurs. We were intending for the children to begin this topic learning about the role of palaeontologists by digging up dinosaur remains. (Cut up dinosaur pictures in sand trays with paintbrushes)  The children would then have pieced the pictures back together. We appreciate that the sandpits are tucked away in the back garden but if your child does have toy dinosaurs and they want to bury them in a tray of sand and dig to find them I'm sure they would find this a lot of fun!


Today we'd like to find out what your child already knows about dinosaurs and what they would like to find out next. To do this we've attached a KWL grid. This can be printed or drawn onto paper. The child can write their ideas in or an adult can scribe for them. Please send photographs of their sheets via messages or their portfolio's. 


Then  have a look at the ppt - 'What is a dinosaur?' To learn some new facts about dinosaurs. 

After that have a look at 'Dinosaur names ppt' - can you name all of these dinosaurs already or are there some here you've never heard before?


Extension Optional Task - You could draw and write the name of a new dinosaur you've never heard of before.