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Year 1



Let's get warmed up mathematicians


Let's practise odd, even and recognising tens and ones whilst we warm up today. Don't forget to get your brains and bodies warmed up today.


Let's learn about symmetry today. Click on the ppt below to get started.


Click below to watch your phonics lesson. 

Mrs Jamieson & Mrs Naylor's Phonics


Mrs Heald's Phonics 



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The image below describes how to carry out a calming mindfulness activity. 



In English today, we are going to be using all of our  learning about letters to start to write our letter to Mum. Today we will write the address, date, dear and opening sentence. I have shown you my example with lots of detail and then you can choose whether to include lots of detail like me or a little bit less.  



Let's get warmed up. If you have some playdough or blu-tac go and get it so we can go to the

'Dough Disco'


Let's look at our new handwriting family again. 

The One-armed robot family




Can you remember how to write r and b from last week?


Today we are going to learn about n and h. 


Have a look at the video below and then use lined paper to practise your own or print out page 10 of the document below. - letter N - Letter H

R.E (Religious Education)


Today we are going to be learning more about Judaism. What can you remember from the lessons we have already done?

We began to explore the importance of Moses and Abraham to Judaism. We also looked at a special symbol for Jewish people- The Star of David. Afterwards, we focused on the place of worship for Jewish people (the Synagogue) and how they show their beliefs. Recently, we explored other religious artefacts that are important to Jewish people. In the last lesson, we learnt about Shabbat and why it is important to Jewish people. 


Today we are going to be learning about the Mezuzah


Task 1:

Lets find out what the Mezuzah is? You can do this by looking at the video link and the PowerPoint presentation in the resources below.


Task 2: 

Can you make your own Mezuzah and case using the craft instructions below? 

You can show your teacher on class dojo after you have created it. 


Let's listen to a story each day which will be read by a special adult from school.