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Year 1


Our Music lessons are themed alongside our topic of Dinosaurs. We will build upon on the skills and knowledge in music each week. 


In today's session we will be making a sound sequence of a dinosaur going on a hunting journey. 


Task 1:
Let's think about what a dinosaur journey would be like? Can you create a mind map of ideas about what might happen on the dinosaur journey? (see example below). 


Task 2

Can you use the picture symbols to create a sound to match the symbol. For example a  "CRACK!" sound for the egg symbol.  After each picture has been given a sound to match it, we can create a sound sequence. (see the video link below for an example).





Mrs Naylor & Mrs Jamieson's Phonics group


Mrs Heald's Phonics group

Today we are going to recap lots of the sounds we've been learning about through games on Phonics play. Phonics play is free.  If it asks for a log in please use




Let's warm up with our sound cards


Now our Tricky word trucks


Let's play Buried Treasure - which are real and not real words? Use your digraph and trigraph knowledge to help you blend these words.


Now see if you can play sentence substitution. Which words can we use in this sentence to make it sound correct?


Well done everyone!



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is a bubble bounce video with relaxing music in the video too.



Let's get warmed up if you have some blu-tac or playdough go and get it ready for 'Dough Disco'


It's a new handwriting family today. 

Today we are going to begin learning about the one armed robot family. 

Have a look at the picture below to see which letters belong to this family. 



Let's learn about r and b. 


Watch the video below to see how these letters are formed. - Letter Bb - Letter Rr

Then complete page 9 on the print out below or use lined paper to practise writing r and b. 



I can use a capital letter for the names of people, places and days of the week and the personal pronoun I. 


Today we are going to learn about Nouns. 

Nouns are the collective name for people, places and things. They can be split into Common and Proper nouns which helps us to understand which nouns need a capital letter and which do not.

When we write a Proper noun we always use a capital letter as it is the name of an actual person or place. Common nouns we do not use a capital letter for. In today's lesson we'll begin by learning about nouns and identifying them in sentences and writing sentences using them. 


Please click on the video below for today's lesson or if you would like to go through the ppt on your own it is attached below. 


R.E (Religious Education)


Today we are going to be learning more about Judaism. What can you remember from the lessons we have already done?

We began to explore the importance of Moses and Abraham to Judaism. We also looked at a special symbol for Jewish people- The Star of David. Afterwards, we focused on the place of worship for Jewish people (the Synagogue) and how they show their beliefs. In our last lesson, we looked at other religious artefacts that are important to Jewish people. 


Today we are going to be learning about Shabbat and why it is important to Jewish people. 

Task 1: 
What is Shabbat? Let's find out using the PowerPoint information and the video link below.


Task 2:

Can you try to label the features of a traditional Shabbat meal in the sheet below. You do not need to print this sheet, you could talk through it whilst looking at the pictures. 


P.E (Physical Education)


As the weather begins to get colder we have decided to begin our yoga PE lessons. Today we would like you to try the yoga poses in this cosmic yoga video. We hope you enjoy your yoga lesson.