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Let's get warmed up mathematicians



Keep practising counting in 2's and 10s


Today we are going to learn about patterns involving shapes. We'll learn about the words repeating and patterns and will solve problems. 


Click on the ppt to get started. 





Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below shows a calming fire burning with the sounds of the logs crackling.


Today we would like you to complete your plan for your letter to Mum. Its important to plan to make sure we collect all of ideas down in an organised way so that it's easier when we start to write.

The resources for this can be found on yesterdays home learning page if you haven't used them already. 


Shared reading 



1. What is Mary Anning famous for? (finding fossils)

2. Look in the 'Did you know box' What the cliffs called where she found all of her fossils? (Jurassic Coast)

3. Have a look at each of the pictures on this page. What do they show us? Why are they there? (To show who Mary Anning was, where she lived and the dinosaur remains she found.)


1. What is a Glossary? (A page which explains new vocabulary from the book. )

2. What does prey mean? (an animal that is hunted and killed by another animal)

3. Can you find another word in the glossary to tell someone about?



1. What is an Index? (An index is used to look up information quickly. You can search for a particular word and find the page it is on.)

2. What page can you learn more about Diplodocus? (8)

3. Which pages can you find out more about fossils? (18, 20, 21, 22, 23)




If you need more time this afternoon to complete some of your dinosaur projects then have a look at the Topic Powerpoint below to continue with your dinosaur artwork. 



If you have finished or need a break from being crafty then have a go at ICT today. Your ICT challenges have been set on the programme Purple Mash. 


Your Purple Mash code will have been sent to you from your class teacher via Messages. 

We have set some dinosaur related tasks to do in your 2DOs folder. You will find this on the top bar next to Home. 

The 2DO:2Graph was the Maths work set in yesterday's lesson. The activities underneath are dinosaur related activities for today's lesson. There isn't a completion deadline set for these activities so you can pop in and do them one at a time or all this afternoon. Please click save when completed.