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Year 1



Lets get warmed up mathematicians



Counting in 2's

Can you count in 2's down on the farm?


In today's lesson we are going to be finding out more about 3D shapes and using Purple Mash to show our findings. If you cannot find your purple mash login please look in your messages. 



Sing along with the 3D shape song to find out more about their properties. Can you see any corners/vertices, edges or faces?




Mrs Jamieson's follow up activity



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below shows an aquarium scene with calming music in the background. This provides a focus point as well as soothing sounds.

Spellings to learn 

The children will receive a weekly set of spellings to learn. The spellings are matched to their ability level in phonics. Each week we would like the children to learn these spellings ready for a weekly spelling quiz on Tuesday's.




Reading books


Each week your phonics teacher and/ or your class teacher will post a link (see below) to a free online reading book that is approximately matched to your child's phonics level. Accessing the eBooks is free, the website only requires you to create a log in which consists of a username and password of your choice. You will need to be logged in already in order for the link to work.


Mrs Heald's phonics group- reading book link

Please choose from the two books below. 

Yellow level Book focusing on the digraphs 'ee' and 'oo'


Red level Book focusing on blending CVC


Mrs Naylor and Mrs Jamieson's phonics group- reading book link

Please choose from the two books below.


Today we are going to begin to plan our letter to Mum. Its important to plan to make sure we collect all of ideas down in an organised way so that its easier when we start to write.

You have got 2 days to work on your planning sheet so you could start this today and take a break before completing it tomorrow. 


Topic - Art Continued


It's Dinosaur Craft Week!

This week we will be focussing on these skills as we make, create and evaluate and adapt our work to make dinosaurs. 

  • Use weaving to create a pattern.
  • Join materials using glue and/or a stitch.
  • Use rolled up paper, straws, paper, card and clay as materials.
  • Use techniques such as rolling, cutting, moulding and carving.
  • Salt dough fossils


L2L skills needed

Resilience - I can stick at it. 

Resourcefulness  - I can find a way

Reflective - I can reflect on my work
reciprocal - I can listen to the ideas of others



It's our final week of our Dinosaur topic. In school we would usually be preparing for our dinosaur Exhibition, inviting parents to come and view all the information the children have collected and items they'd made over the last 5 weeks. 

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to do this but we've greatly enjoyed seeing all of your pictures along the way. 


So this week we would like you to look through the dinosaur powerpoint  and choose which of the dinosaur crafts you would like to achieve on which day. We've allocated today, Wednesday afternoon and some of Thursday to make sure we can practise all of the art skills above.