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Year 1



Let's get our brains warmed up mathematicans

Let's practise counting in 5's



I can name 3D shapes


Can you remind yourselves of the shapes above?


Activity 1 - Choose one of the warm up challenges below. If printing isn't possible then watch the 3D shape video again to recap 3D shapes


Now click on the lesson ppt. 


Spelling Quiz


The weekly spelling quiz is a an opportunity to see which words your child can spell independently.

The spelling quiz should focus on the spelling words that were given out last Wednesday that match your child's ability (please see last Wednesday's home learning page for the spellings). 

The spelling quiz is held each Tuesday and if you would like to share the results of your quiz with your child's class teacher you can do this via class dojo.. 

The spelling quiz is carried out by the adult saying the word aloud and then putting it into context (e.g. the word to spell is 'plate' Can you put your plate in the sink?)

The child would write the word plate then await the next word. 


Click here for the spellings given out on Wednesday 27th January



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is a slideshow of ideas about how to use sensory items to relax.




The last of our long ladder family today.


Today's letter is y. Can you see how it dogs into the soil? This letter has a descender which sits below the line. We sometimes say it looks like a monkey with his tail sitting below the line. 


Then practise on lined paper or on the print out below. 


Today is all about questions! Doesn't that sound fun? We are going to be thinking of some questions that we would like to ask Mum when we write out letter back to her. 

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) 


Our topic for this half term is Going for Goals. In today's session we are going to focus on exploring how to reach our goals by avoiding distractions. Your task is to create a poster on how to stay focused and not get distracted. Have a look at the video link below for the PSHE session.



P.E (Physical Education)
Today in P.E we are going to try a dance challenge. The link below will show you some dance moves to try with different songs to choose from too.  

You can show your class teacher your amazing moves using class dojo (messages or portfolio). 


Dinosaur stomp dance


Superheroes Unite dance


Hot sauce dance


Brr dance