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Let's get warmed up mathematicians 

Number bonds



Let's recap 

If you feel confident with the names of 3D shapes then look at the 3D powerpoint below to find and name the different shapes in the pictures. 


If you not sure about all of the 3D shape names yet then watch this video which shows you the names and pictures of the 3D shapes.


Once you're all warmed up click on the powerpoint to begin today's lesson. 



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is to a mindfulness session with Miss Jones.


Shared reading 

1. What does defending mean? (protecting themselves from danger)

2. Why would the dinosaurs need to defend themselves? (other dinosaurs attacking them)

3. How does the ankylosaurus protect itself? (hard plates and a club on his tail)


1. What does Triceratops mean? (three-horned face)

2. How does a Triceratops protect itself? (three horns and a frill)

3. Can you tell me one thing you've found out about a Stegosaurus?


1. How long are Tyrannosaurus rex's teeth? (20cm)

2. Why has the T-rex got powerful, long back legs? (to make it a fast runner)

3. Can you think of a word to describe the T-rex's teeth and claws? (Sharp)





Today in our English lesson we will be collecting lots of super words ready to use in our letter to Mum. She will need help to imagine all of the things we have seen on our adventure so its important to choose our describing words well today. 


Topic - Art


It's Dinosaur Craft Week!

This week we will be focussing on these skills as we make, create and evaluate and adapt our work to make dinosaurs. 

  • Use weaving to create a pattern.
  • Join materials using glue and/or a stitch.
  • Use rolled up paper, straws, paper, card and clay as materials.
  • Use techniques such as rolling, cutting, moulding and carving.
  • Salt dough fossils


L2L skills needed

Resilience - I can stick at it. 

Resourcefulness  - I can find a way

Reflective - I can reflect on my work
reciprocal - I can listen to the ideas of others



It's our final week of our Dinosaur topic. In school we would usually be preparing for our dinosaur Exhibition, inviting parents to come and view all the information the children have collected and items they'd made over the last 5 weeks. 

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to do this but we've greatly enjoyed seeing all of your pictures along the way. 


So this week we would like you to look through the dinosaur powerpoint  and choose which of the dinosaur crafts you would like to achieve on which day. We've allocated today, Wednesday afternoon and some of Thursday to make sure we can practise all of the art skills above. 


Story time 

Each day there will be a story or poem read to the children by a member of the Key Stage One team. 

Please see the link below for the story today. We hope you enjoy it.