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Year 1



I can recognise and name 3D shapes

Follow the powerpoint below for today's learning. 




Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is to a guided deep breathing session in order to support relaxation and mental focus.

Shared Reading 

I can find information in a text. 

I can explain new vocabulary. 


Read through this page together and see if you can discuss the questions below. 


1) What does the word 'diet' mean? (What an animal eats or drinks)

2) Which of the groups above do you belong to?

1) What is another word for a plant-eater? (Herbivore)

2) How did the herbivores change to reach the tallest branches? (Herbivores developed long necks to reach the tallest branches.)

3) Page 8 Can you find the name of a herbivore? (Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Iguanodon, Apatosaurus)


1) p.9 Why is this page called ‘Meet the Carnivores’?
• This page is called ‘Meet the Carnivores’ because it is all about dinosaurs that were carnivores.

2) Were Carnivores fast or slow dinosaurs? (fast which helped them catch other dinosaurs to eat)



1) Can you find a question on this page? (Which dinosaurs were Omnivores?)

2) What did an Oviraptor eat? (Plants, eggs, insects, small mammals and reptiles)



The children will still be in role as Tony today and they will be thinking about how he might be feeling at different points throughout his day and writing interesting feeling words to explain this. 


R.E (Religious Education)


Today we are going to be learning more about Judaism. What can you remember from the lessons we have already done?

We began to explore the importance of Moses and Abraham to Judaism. We also looked at a special symbol for Jewish people- The Star of David. Afterwards, we focused on the place of worship for Jewish people (the Synagogue) and how they show their beliefs.


Today we are going to be recapping what we know about Synagogues and then we are going to explore other religious artefacts that are important to Jewish people. 

Task 1: 

Recap the information about the Synagogue, you could do this by watching the video link below or look at the PowerPoint resource below "Places of worship Jewish Synagogues".

Try this interactive labelling game on the link below (you may need to create a username and password to log in)

If you are having difficulty with the interactive game, you could try the paper version "Label the Synagogue" (see the resources below). 

Task 2: 
Now have a look at the "Jewish Symbols and Meanings" information (see resource below).

Can you write down the name of 3 Jewish symbols and draw a picture of them?




Guest storytime