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Year 1




I can sort 2D shapes into two groups- curved and straight sides. 


Superb shape hunting yesterday everyone. 

Today we are going to look at the sides on a 2D shape and consider how we can sort shapes by their sides. 

We could sort 2D shapes based on the type of sides they have e.g. curved sides and straight sides. 


What is a side?

Can you point to the sides on this shape? How many has it got?



Check below did you find all the sides on this rectangle shape?


So a rectangle has 4 straight sides. Can you find anything else in your house which has straight sides?

What about a circle. Does a circle have curved or straight sides?

This shape has curved sides. 

A circle has 1 curved side the black line going all the way around the shape. 

Can you find any other shapes which have a curved side? Some shapes have both curved and straight sides. Can you find a shape on this poster which has both a curved and a straight side? What is it called?

There are many 2D shapes in Year 1 we learn to recognise and name the most common e.g. Square, circle, triangle, rectangle, hexagon and pentagon.


Let's see if we can sort shapes based on their sides. 


Activity 1 

Sorting 2D shapes. 


Activity 2 

Varied fluency - Look through the pages and discuss what the right answers for each question will be. These do not need to be printed, they can be discussed. 



Spelling Quiz


The weekly spelling quiz is a an opportunity to see which words your child can spell independently.

The spelling quiz should focus on the spelling words that were given out last Wednesday that match your child's ability (please see last Wednesday's home learning page for the spellings). 

The spelling quiz is held each Tuesday and if you would like to share the results of your quiz with your child's class teacher you can do this via class dojo.. 

The spelling quiz is carried out by the adult saying the word aloud and then putting it into context (e.g. the word to spell is 'plate' Can you put your plate in the sink?)

The child would write the word plate then await the next word. 


Click here for the spellings




Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is to a guided deep breathing session in order to support relaxation and mental focus.


Today we will be learning about the past tense. We will be finding out why most parts of a letter are written in the past tense and practising writing some past tense sentences of our own after completing some challenges.



Let's get warmed up this week dough disco. If you have any blu-tac or playdough go and get it then click the link below to warm up your finger muscles before we begin our handwriting.



We're beginning our next family of letters this week. Can you see which letters we will be learning?




Print pages 6-7 and complete the handwriting letters below. 

l, i, u, t 

If you're unable to print please have a go on lined paper. Check your letters begin at the top and finish in the right place. 


PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) 


Our topic for this half term is Going for Goals. In today's session we are going to focus on exploring what a goal is and how to set goals. Your task is to come up with 3 different goals (you could write these 3 goals down or just discuss them). Have a look at the video link below for the PSHE session.

P.E (Physical Education)
Today in P.E we are going to try a gymnastics challenge. The link below will show you a poster describing the types of shapes and moves we would like you to try.


Can you make a gymnastic sequence using those shapes and moves? An example of a gymnastic sequence is in the link below. You may need adult supervision when trying some of these shapes and moves.  

You can show your class teacher your amazing moves using class dojo (messages or portfolio).