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Wednesday 3rd June

Wednesday 3rd June 

Year 1


Live streaming Daily phonics lessons - set 4



Watch out the aliens have landed on Earth!!!

-Can you begin this unit by reading or watching the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ D&T- The little aliens are bored and need some toys to play with. Can you help to design and make them something?

- Can you use an old sock and materials that you have around the house to make an alien sock puppet? Or can you use recycled materials in your home or construction toys to make a moon buggy? Decide which you would like to make, then look through the ideas (in resources) to help you and think about which examples you like best and why. Next try drawing out your design, writing a list of materials and equipment that you will need, then make it and finally talk about what you liked about yours and how you would improve it if you made it again. Check with an adult before you begin. If you would like to record your design process then use the ‘DT booklet’ (in resources).




-2D shape quiz- PowerPoint (In resources). Miss out shapes that are too tricky for your child. Keep repeating the quiz if this is helpful.

-‘Properties-of-shape’ PowerPoint- recaps on shape names, number of sides and number of corners.

-Can you draw around 2D shapes that you have in your home arranging them to make a picture? -Write down which shapes you used and how many times you used it in your picture. (Example pictures in resources).


BBC Bitesize-Multiplication and division

Daily maths lessons with video’s and activities or games to play,


White Rose Home Learning- Multiplication and division

Daily maths lessons with video’s, once you’ve watched the video click to BBC bitesize activities to continue


Maths Challenge


Challenge yourself to come up with as many questions as you can! Collect points and tell you teacher your total.

Answer = 12

You could practise forming the one arm robot letters?

h, b, k, p

Then practise the new joins and try them in words.

ce, he, de

Year 2 

Phonics - live streaming

Phonics play games 


Spelling - converting two words to a contraction. 

do not = don't 

can not - 

will not - 

he is = 

she is - 

could not 

would not 



Recap traditional tales – what do we know so far from the last few days. 

Watch the 3 little pigs.

  • Imagine that you are one of the Three Little Pigs and you are worried that the wolf might come back again. You decide to make a wanted poster to help catch him and throw him in jail. Can you design and make the wanted poster that you would put up around the woods? You will need to describe him in lots of detail and you might want to offer a reward. Example poster and template in resources. Choose your level of challenge from the second or third template or design your own



2D Shapes - Wednesday & Thursday 

Objectives: I can identify and describe the properties of 2-D shapes, including the number of sides and line symmetry in a vertical line.

In Year 2 the children recap on the name of common 2D shapes and learn the names of a few additional shapes too. We teach the children that a 4-sided shape is called a quadrilateral and that there are special types of these that have with own name e.g. square, rectangle, rhombus. The children also learn to recall their properties. To begin with they explore the properties with a physical representation of the shape, then move onto identifying the properties from a drawing before finally recalling the properties from just the name. The main properties we discuss are sides, corners, lines of symmetry, right angles, regular and irregular.



  • ‘2D Shapes PowerPoint’- looks at a range of 2D shapes and their properties. Includes the additional challenge of parallel and perpendicular sides but ignore this if it is too tricky. (In resources.


Can you get creative and build or make different 2D shapes using objects in your home e.g., lollypop sticks with blue-tac, pipe cleaners, straws, toothpicks. Or anything else you an think of. Think carefully about the properties of the shape before

  • you make it. (Examples in resources).
  • Can you play ‘guess what shape I am’ game with someone in your house? You each have to put a shape on each other’s head using sticky notes, by holding it above your head or if you have the headbands game use a headband from that. You could use a picture of the shape or write its name but you cannot see what you have on your head. You must ask each other questions that can only be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and use the answers to guess which 2D shape you are. The first to guess correctly wins the round. You can ask question such as ‘Do I have more than 4 sides?’




Make an alien out of playdough, construction kits, paint or junk modelling. 

If an alien came to visit I would….

Finish the sentences about what you would do,  would you show them around? Would you send them back home.



Outside –

Making aliens using logs, stones, grass etc. Take a piece of paper out for their background and then choose objects to put on the paper to make a nature alien.