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Thursday 7th January

1. Set up a cosy book nook. 

What to do:

  • Set up the book nook together. You can make this as simple or as decorated as you like. For example, a shoe box with books inside, a cushion and a cuddly toy, or a pop up tent, fairy lights, a sleeping bag, torch and decorated book box. You might start simple and develop the nook over time. 
  • Rotate the books in the nook regularly. Include your child in this process - some books will be too much of a favourite to swap out!

What you need:

  • A selection of books in a box/basket. 
  • Cushions, blankets, soft toys etc
  • A cosy spot (in a corner, by a window, under a table, in a pop up tent etc)

Questions to ask:

  • Where shall we have the book nook? 
  • What would make it cosy?
  • Which books will we have first? 
  • How could we make the book box look special? 
  • Which toy would be great to read your books to?


  • Theme the nook, working together to make paper bunting, reading posters and other decorations on a theme or favourite book. Eg a Gruffalo's cave. 
  • Move the nook to new locations for variety. 

2. Play shape peekaboo!

What to do:

  • Cut out different sized shapes (circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, semi-circles) from card. 
  • Place these all in a bag (that your child can not see through)
  • Explain that you have hidden some 2d (flat) shapes in your bag. Ask your child what they might be/ 
  • take one shape at a time and make it "peep" out from the bag. Can your child guess the shape from the part they can see? Show different parts of the shape and talk about what is peeping out. Eg "One point, another point, one more point. Hmmm that is 3 points. What shape must that be?"
  • Each correct guess wins your child the shape. Continue until your child has won all the shapes. 

What you need. 

  • Card (this can be from a cereal box), scissors, a bag to hide the shapes

Questions to ask:

  • What shapes might I have in my bag?
  • How many sides/points does that shape have? 
  • What clues do we have so far? 


  • Play the game with the grown up as the guesser. 
  • Play the game by feeling the shapes rather than peeping at them. 

Pirate Playdough remix: Row your Boat, Pirate dance, Baby Shark Nursery Rhyme/Dough mashup

3. Strengthen your finger muscles with another dough disco session. Have fun!