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Wednesday 6th January


Please watch the video above before accessing todays activities.

You must become Police Detectives by creating your own badge. Feel free to take a picture as a Police Detective wearing cool sunglasses or draw yourself on your ID badge so you are ready to work.

Then, use your inference skills to answer the questions from the picture above.



Warm up your brains with SPACE INVADERS  (choose a times table to focus on, select Y4, easy level)

Let’s check off our understanding from Monday and practise dividing by 1

Watch the WRM lesson

Then have a look at the Divide by powerpoint

You now have 2 worksheets to complete – please notice that there is one for all and then a separate one for blue or green group.



Skill: Compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their physical properties

*Have a look at any rocks you may have at home, in your kitchen, garden or nearby park. Touch them and maybe look closely with a magnifying glass if you have one*


1.     Load up Twinkl Powerpoint about types of rocks

Answer the questions on a piece of paper.

Stop at slide 13 and watch the videos by clicking on the pictures.

2.     Now visit this website and find out about the different types of rock.

3.     Go back to the powerpoint. Can you write 3 facts about the 3 main types of rock (Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary)using pages 14, 15 and 16 as well as the BBC videos?

4.     Now test your knowledge with the quiz

EXT: Have a chat about manmade rocks with an adult– concrete is a rock but it’s not natural!

Complete the sorting sheet using the end of the powerpoint to help.