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Welcome to Wednesday!


Please watch the video above for today's learning.



Please watch the video above before accessing the activities.

You must become Police Detectives by creating your own badge. Feel free to take a picture as a Police Detective wearing cool sunglasses or draw yourself on your ID badge so you are ready to work.

Then, use your inference skills to answer the questions from the picture below.



Multiply three 1 digit numbers together.

Please see the attached PowerPoint and complete Varied Fluency 1 and 2 and the video link teaching how to multiply three 1 digit numbers.

For the worksheets:

1 chilli is Developing

2 chilli is Expected

3 chilli is Greater Depth

Please choose one where you feel comfortable with and complete 4 questions from one of the worksheets. Answers are on the final page.

Video link advising how to multiply three 1 digit numbers -

Good luck!



Time to get fit and active inside your living room!

Follow Jo Wicks PE Session and also come up with a challenge for your family to participate in.

Who can do the most claps whilst throwing a ball up and catching it? Who can balance for the longest time? Who can do the most skips? Who can do the most push ups or hold the longest squat? Now is the time to find out!

Jo Wick's Session -


Please see all of today's resources below. Good luck and enjoy.