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Wednesday 3rd March




Let's get warmed up mathematicians. 



Let's practise missing number questions again. 


New spellings to learn



Reading books


Each week your phonics teacher and/ or your class teacher will post a link (see below) to a free online reading book that is approximately matched to your child's phonics level. Accessing the eBooks is free, the website only requires you to create a log in which consists of a username and password of your choice. 


Mrs Heald's phonics group- reading book links 



Mrs Naylor's phonics group- reading book link



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. The link below is to a motivational song that may be familiar to the children. We hope you enjoy listening to the uplifting message of the song.



Today we would like you to find out what firefighters do. We know that they help people if there is a fire but we heard that they do lots of other jobs too. We wondered what they are. Can you find out for us?




I can create instructions (write or say) to program a person. 


See the ppt below to find out how to program a person. We are also recapping the words algorithm and debugging. Can you remember what these mean? 

Algorithm - A set of instructions. 

Debugging - Finding the problem 


Can you direct someone to do one of these tasks. These are also available to download below. 



Shared reading 



R - Find a label on this page - What does it say? Why is it there?

E - Why is the word Identify in bold?

Have a read through this page. Can you see the title, page numbers, labels, photographs, captions and facts?

V - what does the word perched mean?