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Wednesday 27th January

1. Look carefully at the painting below (you may need to zoom in). It was painted hundreds of years ago by a Chinese artist called Lan Ying. What do you think the painting is of? What colours can you see? How does the painting make you feel? 
Today, you can have a go creating your own art work inspired by this beautiful painting. 
2. For your phonics today, I would like you to use your voice and body to add sound effects to a favourite story. For instance, if your grown up is reading you the story of Little Red Riding Hood, maybe you could use your voice to howl whenever you hear the words “big bad wolf”, or maybe you could pat your knees to make footstep sounds when Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the wood. 
You can choose any story and make as many sound effects for it as you can. 

3. In China, the number 8 is considered a very lucky number. Today I would like you to practise counting out 8 objects to make sets of objects. For instance, maybe you could count out 8 socks in to a group, count out 8 Lego bricks in to a group, count out 8 crayons in to a line.

Grown ups, see if your child can remember that they are counting to 8 and see if they can stop when they get to that number (and not continue counting until they run out of objects).