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Wednesday 24th February




Let's get warmed up mathematicians.


Click on one of the warm up activities below and write your answers on plain paper or on the sheet attached. There are 3 levels so please choose the one you feel is right for your child. 


Then we are either continuing with your maths work from yesterady or having a go at mixed questions. Please click on the ppt below. 




Please find attached the next week's spellings to have a go at practising ready for a spelling quiz next Tuesday. 


Shared reading 

Let's read the next few pages of Charlie the firefighter. 

Scroll through to Wednesday 24th or re-read from the beginning. 



Let's find out about the features of an information book today ready for our quiz on Zoom on Friday. See how many you can find in information books and see if you can remember what each feature is. 



Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment (thoughts and feelings) as well as the world around you. This can improve mental wellbeing. Try the task below to practise your mindfulness. 

Reading books


Each week your phonics teacher and/ or your class teacher will post a link (see below) to a free online reading book that is approximately matched to your child's phonics level. Accessing the eBooks is free, the website only requires you to create a log in which consists of a username and password of your choice. You must open the web page and log in first then click on this link.


Mrs Heald's phonics group

Mrs Naylor and Mrs Jamieson's phonics group-reading book links




Let's investigate a scientific question today. 

Click the ppt or the pdf below to find out more. 


Let's listen to a story together! Follow the link below.