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Wednesday 24th Feb

Owls and Robins Phonics Part 1


Owls and Robins Phonics Activity

The words in the boxes below are all muddled up! Can you read each word and put them in the correct order to make a caption that matches the picture?

Repeating Patterns

Maths - Repeating Patterns

Can you make a repeating pattern to make me laugh? See if you can find items round the house that you can make into a pattern with a two or a three repeat. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Muddled Up Captions (Owls and Robins Phonics)

Woodpeckers and Hummingbirds Phase 3 Flashcards

Still image for this video

Fingertip Workout!


Let's get those fingers working! All you will need is something small, like frozen peas, but you could use sweetcorn, cheerios, beads or anything else you have at home! The challenge 'How many can you pick up and put in a container in 1 minute?' Maybe you could have a competition with mummy, daddy or even brother or sisters to see who can pick up the most. Remember to all use the same small item to make it a fair test. 

#DrawWithRob 32 Butterfly

Make a Toilet Roll Bee

Check out the photos below and see if you can make a toilet roll bee. Do not worry if you haven't got yellow or black paper. You could colour some white paper to stick on or colour straight onto the tube. And if you haven't got a tube, just make yourself a cylinder by rolling some paper. 


Story Time- The very greedy bee

Enjoy today's story. I am very sorry for the funny angle - it wouldn't straighten itself up. Just turn your device and it should be ok.