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Wednesday 23rd September

The colour the monster wants to throw a party for his birthday. When is your birthday? How do you celebrated birthdays in your house?


Have you ever had a birthday party? What did you need?



Could you arrange a birthday party for one of your teddies? You will need to make a poster so that the teddies will know where the party is taking place, who's party it is for and at what time. 

Try and make it bright and eye-catching. 


Mke a list of all the things you will need for the party, e.g





Can you make some decorations for the party to make it look attractive?


We would love to see a photograph of the party. I'm sure your teddy will have a great time. 



Can you estimate how many there is?

Get some pencils or teddy's anything that you can count. 

You could put a handful into a glass or container and then guess how many there are, take them out and count to see if you are right. Why don't you try a different container e.g. a measuring jug if it's small objects, to see how many will fit into different containers. 

Remember that your guess/estimate doesn't have to be right!


Extra Challenge - When you count the items you could count them in 2's. 


Topic - 

The colour monster wants to make more decorations but he only has primary colours. (Red, yellow and blue) What are they and how can he use them to make more colours?

Watch video to support learning.


Have a go at mixing paint to make secondary colours or use colouring crayons/felt tip pens to mix colours.