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Wednesday 22nd July

Welcome to Wednesday

Please see below suggested activities for today. 


  • Daily suggestions

  • Practise the eight weekly spellings (posted below). 

  • Keep practising some of the 107 Year 3 and 4 Statutory spellings that you find challenging.(See the full list of statutory words on the attached document below).

  • Reading for pleasure. Keep reading a variety of texts that you enjoy.

  • Practise your times tables. This could be using TT Rockstars,  or simply chanting them outloud or playing times tables bingo.  



  • More interactive games, videos and worksheets can be accessed through the BBC bitesize link:

    Worksheets/documents will be added to the relevant pages on the school website too when they become available online. This is varying at the moment, please keep an eye out. They will be posted by no later than 9am on the day.

Please note, all Year 4 numeracy tasks are online interactive activities, please go to the BBC website link to complete.


  • Literacy – Ancient Egyptians presentation task

For the rest of this week you will have some choice about the Literacy that you complete, it will probably take you more than one ‘session’ to complete. Think carefully about what you would like to do. You will need to plan it, possibly do some research, produce it and then add additional things like illustrations to it.

It must be linked to the topic of ‘Whose Mummy is it?’, you can do something based on the ‘Ancient Egyptians’ as a whole, you can pick one thing which has interested you to explore in more detail (Egyptian Gods, Tutankhamun, Mummification), or find something else linked to the topic which we have not really looked at.

You can display/present however you would like, a leaflet, a powerpoint, a poster with flaps, 3D quadrant, fact file page from a book, a mini booklet.



  • PSHE

As you begin to think about moving on into Year 4 or 5 next year there is a transition activity booklet attached below for you to try. T has quite a few pages and you may not want to fill them all in. But you might want to have a look through and pick some bits to have a go at today. These booklets will be great to share with your new teacher in September. Find the All About Me transition Booklet below.


  • Spellings

This week, we are attaching all the Year 3 and 4 statutory spellings that your child is expected to know by the end of year 4. Please feel free to go over any words that you may find tricky!