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Wednesday 21st Oct



Literacy: Stories from familiar settings unit

Today we are going to write out our adventure story in full. 

The success criteria in the resources section describes the types of features you might find in an adventure story so try to include some from each section (red, orange and green). 


Literacy: Handwriting 

In the resources section there is a video which shows how to form the curly caterpillar letters and the one-armed robot letters too. During lessons we usually focus on letter heights (ascenders go above the line and descenders go below the line) as well as letter spacing and pencil grip. 



Click on the link below to play buried treasure- a phonics game that requires you to read the words and decide whether the word is treasure (real words) or trash (nonsense words). 
Choose your phonics level phase 3 to 5. 

Phonics challenge 1:
Can you spell the phase 5 tricky words? See the resources section below for the list of the tricky words. 


Phonics challenge 2:

Can you write down 3 words that contain the following sounds...
ey (for example, key)

ee (for example, weep)

e-e (for example, even)

What do these words have in common? What is different about these sets of words? 


Phonics challenge 3:

Finally, can you write 3 sentences using the words key, weep and even? 


Maths: place value unit 

We will be continuing our work on place value today. If you need a reminder of what place value is, check out the links from yesterday's maths tasks. 

There are 3 place value tasks today; the warm up, the know it task and then the prove it task. The skills build throughout the activities, please see the resources section below. 


Topic: Geography skills

As winter draws nearer we encourage the children to notice the world around them. The transition out of autumn into winter is a great way to discuss the topic of seasons with your children. The resources section below offers some information about seasons and a few activities to try too. 


Handwriting resources

Still image for this video