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Wednesday 20th Jan


Choose a small snack for you child to do this with. This could be anything; a raisin, small piece of fruit or even a chocolate button!


Hold your snack in your hand. Take several slow, deep breaths. Now look at your snack as if you had never seen one before. What color is it? What does it look like? Is it smooth or bumpy? What does it feel like between your fingers? What thoughts are you having now about your snack? Are you having any thoughts or feelings about liking or disliking your snack? Whatever your thoughts or feelings are, simply notice them.  
Be aware of your intention to begin eating. Move your other hand slowly toward your snack. Note the action mentally by saying to yourself, “Reaching ... reaching ... reaching.” Now pick up your snack and say to yourself, “Lifting .... lifting ... lifting.” The point is to stay aware of each movement of your hand and arm by naming them. 
Now move your snack closer to your mouth and watch your hand as you do so. Smell the your snack. What does it smell like? Is this a smell you have smelt before? Is your mouth watering? If so, notice this feeling to want to eat your snack. 


Put the your snack on your tongue but do not bite. What does it feel like? Can you taste it yet? Is your mouth watering?  
Now bite into the your snack. Just one bite. Where is your snack in your mouth? Begin chewing slowly. What are the sensations in your teeth? Your tongue? How does your tongue move when you chew? What part of your tongue is experiencing the taste? Where is your arm? Did you notice moving it to where it is now?  
When you are ready to swallow, notice this feeling. Now swallow the your snack. Try to be aware of how the food moves down your throat and towards your stomach. Can you feel any sensations in your stomach? Where is your stomach? What size is it? Is it empty, full, or in between? Imagine that your body is now 'one raisin heavier'


You can repeat this again, trying to be as mindful with the next piece.

Can you try these eating challenges at home, to help you to learn how to take away numbers? See if you can write a number sentence for each challenge. laugh


How many pieces of snack are left if you:

  • place 5 in a line and then eat 2;
  • place 10 in a line and then eat 6;
  • place 8 in a line and then eat 5;
  • place 12 in a line and then eat 4; 
  • place 9 in a line and then eat 3?


Weather Forecast Role Play

Why not have a go at creating your very own weather reporting show! You could report the weather at your house, but could also have some fun, taking on different roles and reporting the weather from around the world. Check out the video below for some ideas and inspiration. (WARNING: teachers having too much fun!)

Miss Draper’s Weather Show

Still image for this video