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Wednesday 24th

Welcome to Wednesday

Spellings – Year 3 (Homophones)













Spellings – Year 4 (Double Letters)










Why not try making your own cross word to practise your spellings, either online or just on a piece of paper? Cross word creator  Can you think of clues to use the words in a sentence?


Literacy –Biographies

What is a biography?

A biography is a biography is a detailed description of a person's life in chronological order and is written in the 3rd person. 

What is 3rd person?

Third person means he, she, it or they. What is the difference between writing in 3rd person compared to the 1st person?

Biographies are always in chronological order. Can you remember what chronological order means?

(Writing events in time order)

Your task:

  1. Put the biography in chronological order (If you don't have a printer, write the subheadings in order you think they go in).
  2. Then have a go at the famous faces quiz. Can you guess who the celebrity is?



Mr Jones' video will not upload as it is corrupted!!!

Could you be responsible and practise your spelling words in your neatest handwriting, we have been keeping an eye on superb handwriting whilst you have been at home for a pen licence!


Numeracy Warm Up - Year 3 and 4

If you liked the Adele song in the warm up to help with learning your 8x table, click HERE to have more fun singing it!!



Year 3 - Subtract money

Click HERE for the video 

Complete worksheet below 


Year 4 - Fractions

If you found yesterday's lesson tricky, start with this Oak National Academy Lesson 

1. What is a fraction? WRM Vimeo Link

2. Oak National Academy lesson to describe unit and non unit fractions here

Now complete the WRM Wednesday worksheet and fill in the blank fractions wall 


PE - Boxercise and target practice!

Boxing exercises - all you need is space! Click the link here

Target practice / Ping Pong challenge -

Can you create your own throwing challenge, if you haven't got a table tennis ball, could you use something else? Could you try this in the garden with different objects, use a table or chairs as part of your challenge? See who can complete it in your family!



Our Spring 2 topic is: What do we teach about the natural world and why should we care about it? Watch this introduction video with Mrs Cramp click here

Then 1. Go out side and use your senses;

2. Complete the Spring Scavenger Hunt

3. Have a look at art inspired by Nature at the Natural History Museum click here 

4. Feel inspired? Try writing some nature poetry look in the resources below for examples. 



Daily Challenge -  Day 3 of learning Makaton with Mrs Cramp click here


Reading with Mrs Burke


Finished your work but would still like something educational?

Purple Mash

Typing Practise

Hour of Coding - Make a flappy bird game

Hit the Button


Good luck and enjoy!

The Year 3 and 4 team