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Wednesday 3rd

Welcome to Wednesday

Spellings Year 3 - Homophones












Spellings Year 4 - Super










Literacy - 10.30 am Join a LIVE world book day session - meet authors who talk about Books that Make you Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

Before the session, think of 5 questions you'd like to ask your favourite author and jot them down on a piece of paper or type them up on a computer. Don't forget your capital letters, variety of question words and ?

Follow this link and be ready for when the session goes live at 10.30am



Year 3 - Miss Townsend

We are moving on to the 4 times table, today we are looking at multiplying by 4.

Click HERE to watch the video.

Complete the worksheet in the resource bank.


Year 3/4 - Mr Jones - Equivalent Fractions!

Fractions can be a difficult concept at times, especially when focusing on equal fractions. My top tip is always think of cake!!

Please watch the WRM video to complete equivalent fraction tasks.

Complete worksheet down below.


Year 4 Mrs Cramp

This is a double maths day! 

Session 1: Fractions greater than 1    Watch this vimeo then complete the worksheet

Session 2: Count in fractions     Watch this vimeo then complete the worksheet

Please let us know if you have any difficulties. 



PE - Lesson 19 Throwing Techniques

Children will be focusing on a variety of throwing techniques. You will need a ball, tape and something for a target!

Squat Challenge! - Earlier in lockdown, you were challenged to see how long to can squat and challenge family member how long you could do it. Mr Jones has improved his time by just over 30 seconds to 2 minutes and 42 seconds, listening to music as a distraction really helps!

Challenge family members or friends over video chat to see who can do the longest time! You may also want to do longest plank and longest sprint without stopping!


RE: Nature and the Creation story

Have you wondered how the world began? How all the plants, animals and people came to be?

Well scientists have their theories and scientific explanations watch video 

but for over a thousand years, people have explained how the earth began through creation stories.

These stories explained how God created the seas, mountains and eventually the people.

Today we'd like you to study the Christian creation story - look through the powerpoint in the resources then complete the worksheet remembering each step. 

Tomorrow, we'll compare creation stories from other religions. 


Reading with Mr Jones



Finished but still want more?

Purple Mash 

National Geographic



Daily Challenge  - FRENCH -  Colours -



Good luck, have a good day,

Best Wishes, The Year 3 and 4 Team