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Wednesday 27th

Welcome to Wednesday


Spelling Activity


Live Zoom sessions:

Miss Townsend 9:00am - 9:30am

Mrs Cramp 9.30am - 10:00am

Mr Jones 11.30am - 12:00pm


Literacy - Planning Tuesday... For your own creature!

Please watch the evidence video again for ideas! This time, watch right until the end to see what happens the Tuesday after...

After watching the clip, decide what creature flew around last night in your version of Tuesday! Only one rule... It can't be a creature that already flies! Could it be flying mice? Flying cats? Flying dogs? Flying rabbits? Have a think what creature you would like to fly and it must be gripping on to something like how the frogs flew on the lily pads. For example, could the rabbit float on a patch of grass? Could the dog float in a dog bed? Could a grasshopper float on a leaf?

Plan your dialogue ideas, have a think what you wrote when the frogs spoke to each other and the dialogue between the birds and frogs. 1 piece of dialogue per box will be fantastic and I recommend including inverted commas in your plan.

Please look at the different words for said sheet also.


Numeracy - Year 3 -

Dividing 100 into 2, 4, 5 and 10 equal parts - Click HERE for the video

You will need pen and paper for todays lesson.

Fancy some more? Find the monster division extension cards in the resource bank.



Numeracy - Year 4 - Divide 2 digit by 1 digit numbers

Please click HERE for the video

Worksheet posted down below with the answers.

Extension - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit true or false in resource bank



Please complete Lesson 7 on agility.

Parents or siblings will need to get involved. Enjoy!

Can you make an obstacle course?!

Using socks to jump over, chairs to crawl through, areas to skip or do star jumps. Can you create your own obstacle course for yourself and family to complete?!

Use this video to help you! Mr Jones created one for Healthy Living Week in 2020!


PSHE - Good to be me

How do you cope with doing something risky? What do we feel like when we do something risky?

Make a list of the feelings on a piece of paper.

Complete the worksheet.


Finished but still want more?

Draw with Rob

National Geographic



Daily outdoor learning Challenge  - Can you make a bird feeder? You could try pushing sunflower seeds into an apple; pushing peanut butter into a pine cone then rolling it in porridge oats or bird feed; or thread bits of apple, cheerios and sultanas on a loop of pipe cleaner. 


Good luck, have a good day,

Best Wishes, The Year 3 and 4 Team