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Wednesday 11th

The Green Cross Code Song

Today is Road Safety Day!

1. Watch the Green Cross Code song with your grown up (please be mindful of adverts on YouTube). Maybe you could make a pretend road in the house or garden and practise crossing it using the green cross code. Remember to stop, look and listen!




2. Look at the pictures of the green man and the red man from a pelican crossing. What man do we need to see before we can cross the road? Can you have a go at drawing a green man or a red man?

3. Look at the picture below. It shows a zebra crossing. Do you know why it is called a zebra crossing? Have you ever crossed a road using a zebra crossing?

The zebra crossing has a repeating pattern of black and white stripes. Can you have a go at creating your own zebra crossing? You could use black and white crayons , paint or even strips of paper.