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Wednesday 10th Feb

1. Phonics today is still alliteration. Today, you can play the digging for treasure game. You will need 2 sets of objects that start with 2 different initial sounds eg, a set of objects beginning with t and a set of objects beginning with s. Bury the objects in a box of sand/ shredded paper. Ask your child to find the treasure (eg the objects starting with t.) As your child uncovers the objects get them to group them by sound. All the treasure (t objects) get put in to a box/treasure chest and all the objects starting with the other sound gets put away. 
2. Today you could have a go at icing a biscuit to look like one of the 3 little pigs.You can use a store bought biscuit or you could bake your own. Have a look at the photo below for inspiration.