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Web links for Year 1 and Year 2

Oxford Owl 

This is reading book service that allows you to choose your child's reading level or age group level to select books to read online (e-books). Accessing the e-books is free, the website only requires you to create a log in which consists of a username and password.

The Body Coach

This online resource is great for keeping fit. You can choose what kind of step by step workout your child would enjoy. There are high intensity and lower intensity options available to suit all levels of physical ability. It is really important for the children to have time to be active wherever possible. Most of these workouts do not require a vast amount of open space and can be done inside the home.

Draw with Rob

This online resource is great for children to try out their creative talents. You can choose what your child would like to draw so that it is matched with their interests and the videos have step by step instructions on how to draw a character.

Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

This online resource is fantastic for learning about Dinosaurs (our topic for this half term). Each video episode contains information about a specific dinosaur and it explains lots of information about what the dinosaur was like.

Phonics Play

This website has a wealth of phonics resources to support your child's phonics each week.


To log on please use these codes:


password: home


White Rose 

This is a fantastic free resource that is available to support Maths. There are a variety of videos and activities on Math subjects such as addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. The videos are instructional and are available for different age groups. 


Please see the link below for the Year 1 children


Please see the link below for the Year 2 children

BBC Bitesize


This website offers short home learning sessions and activities for a variety of age groups. The website covers many curriculum subjects such as; Maths, English and Science etc. 

The link below will give you access to all the free interactive resources available for Key Stage One (Year 1 and Year 2).