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Welcome to Tuesday!


Literacy - Playscripts

We have just finished our sessions in Speke House and written our final diary entries, we are now going to be focussing on performing playscripts!


Firstly, we need to understand and identify the features of a playscript.


Please click the link to watch the video and challenge yourself on the quiz:


Once completed, highlight the Tudor playscript sheet in the resource section below using the knowledge you have gained.


Numeracy - Multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number

Please watch the video (from 1:07) about multiplying using the column method -


Please follow the PowerPoint from slides 24-35 on Reasoning and Problem Solving


On to the chilli challenge, depending on how spicy you like your work, depends on the chilli! Please choose one sheet from the document below, the first one is Developing (1 chilli), second one expected (2 chilli) and the third one is greater depth (3 chilli). The more confident you feel, the higher the chilli rating. I recommend milk to cool yourself down afterwards!


History - Henry VIII Wives!

The children have shown incredible enthusiasm towards the Tudor topic, we will be deepening our knowledge on Henry VIII's wives by creating Top Trump cards about his wives!


Please follow the information PowerPoint then complete the Top Trump cards, if you wish to research your own extra information, feel free!


Good luck and enjoy!

Mr Jones