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Tuesday 3rd November

Tuesday 3rd November


Please find the Video on Class Dojo explaining today's tasks.


Literacy - Fronted Adverbials / Sentence starters

There are 2 worksheet to this, it would be brilliant if you guys can learn a variety of sentence starters / fronted adverbials to apply in your writing. When marking the descriptive writing, a lot of you are using when sentence starters, these tasks will enable you to use adverbs and descriptive words at the beginning of the sentence!


Numeracy - Add and Subtract 1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s.

There is a presentation at the bottom of the webpage, go through each slide to help you with the worksheets.

Chilli Challenge

There are 3 worksheets on the document, page one being 1 chilli, page two is 2 chilli and page three is 3 chilli. Once you have completed the presentation, choose one to print off or answer on a separate sheet of paper. 


Topic - Art

Can you recreate one of Georgia O'Keefe's landscape art of the sunset?

You can use crayons, felt tips, paint, playdough, collage. Any media you wish to use!

Examples of some of her art are on the word document below.


Answers will be posted at 3:30 for you to reflect on your work