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Tuesday 26th January

1. This week we are learning about China. Watch the video clip about China. What facts can you learn and remember? Maybe you could share some of these facts with a grown up in your family. 

China Facts for Kids - with Junior Jetsetters

2. Yesterday we thought about 1 more than. Today we are thinking about 1 less than. Can you look at the pictures of Pandas below and work out how many pandas would be left if 1 was taken away? Your child may need objects to work this out. 
3. As part of your phonics work, today I would like you to listen to and copy a pattern of 3 sounds. Grown ups, you need to create a pattern of 3 sounds for your child to listen to, for instance clap, stamp, clap. 
Can your child remember this pattern and copy it?
This is a good game to practice often. Maybe sometimes you could ask your child to think of a 3 sound pattern for you to copy.