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Tuesday 23rd Feb

Owls and Robins Phonics Activity: Read and Draw

Woodpeckers and Hummingbirds Sound Flashcards

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Woodpeckers and Hummingbirds Phonics

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Maths repeating Patterns

Maths Challenge - Repeating Patterns.

Can you make a pattern that repeats itself, with items or toys from round the house? This might be a simple two colour pattern that you make with paints (e.g. red, green, red ,green) or a two item pattern made with things (e.g. sock, lego, sock, lego.)

You may want to challenge yourself and do a pattern with a three, four or five repeat!

Make sure you post your photos on your profile page so we can see your achievements.


Ask your grown up to create a hexagon template for you.

Can you try drawing around your hexagon template?

Can you put your template next to the hexagon that you've drawn and draw around it again to create another hexagon?

Try drawing some more hexagons using your template, to create a bee hive picture, like the one below.

When you've drawn your hexagons you can colour them in. You might make a pattern on your bee hive, or you might colour them all in different colours.



Minibeast book...

Can you start the first page of your minibeast book? You could make yourself a front cover so we know what you book is going to be all about (Minibeasts) and then you are ready to start you first page all about bees!


You could draw a picture of a bee and add some labels, or even challenge yourself to write an interesting fact about bees. This is your book so it is up to how you do it! You could even use your purplemash log in and use the 2Create a Story App! Remember to save your work to come back to day when you have learnt about some more minibeasts.