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Tuesday 22nd September

Today the colour monster would like a new friend.  


Begin by recapping on the story of The Colour Monster on You Tube 


Our activities for this morning are:

Design a friend for The Colour Monster:

Children to design their own colour monster and label it or use an existing colour monster from the book and label this. See the 'WAGOLL Children's activity- Colour Monster 2D' for design ideas

Y1- Can you label parts of the monster you have designed e.g. arms, legs, eyes. (See Colour Monster Label writing with 2 lines)

Extension- can you add an adjective?

Y2- Can you label your colour monster with descriptive labels. See Colour Monster Label writing Year 2.

Extension- Can you add an expanded noun phrase?


Can you colour in a Colour Monster to show how you are feeling?

Children to colour in the colour monster with different colours  to represent how they are feeling at that moment. Can they label their colour monster with feeling words for each colour? See 'Colour Monster colouring'. 


Can you build a monster out of construction?

Children to build their chosen colour monster out of construction. 


Can you decorate a colour Monster with differnt coloured wool?

Children to create the different colours in the jumbled up colour monster using wool or other craft tems. See 'WAGOLL- Children's activity- wrapping the colour monster in thread.' 


Our Activity for this afternoon is:

Can you make a rainbow cloud?

Discuss with the children where have you seen a rainbow before? What did it represent? Why do you think people put rainbows in their windowns? Did you make anything with a rainbow on?


Children to make a rainbow cloud. See 'WAGOLL- Children's activities- Rainbow cloud'. 


Once the children have finsihed making their rainblow cloud. they should try to write about this,

Y1- My favourite colour  is… because…

Y2- Could you talk about emetions the Colou Monster felt linked to the colours and think about new emotions linked to the additional colours.


We hope you enjoy today's creative activities!