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Tuesday 20th Oct


Literacy: Stories from familiar settings unit

We have been looking at the story "Whatever Next!". The link below is the story of "Whatever Next!". (watch out for adverts). 

After you have watched the video can you try to plan your own adventure story?
Use the story map document in the resources section below to plan your own story. You can draw and write down your story ideas. 



Click on the link below to play buried treasure- a phonics game that requires you to read the words and decide whether the word is treasure (real words) or trash (nonsense words). 
Choose your phonics level phase 3 to 5. 

Phonics challenge 1:
Can you spell the phase 4 tricky words? See the video below. (watch out for adverts). 


Phonics challenge 2:

Can you write down 3 words that contain the following sounds...
igh (for example, sight)

ie (for example, pie)

i-e (for example, slide)

What do these words have in common? What is different about these sets of words? 


Phonics challenge 3:

Finally, can you write 3 sentences using the words slide, pie and sight? 


Maths: place value unit 

We have we thinking about place value this week. The links below can explain more about what place values involves. 

Try the 'know it' and 'prove it' tasks then have a go at the 'show me what you know quiz' in the resources section below. You can write your answers down on paper or work through them verbally with some adult support. 


PE: Yoga (flexibility, balance and strength)

Choose a yoga exercise video that matches the interests of your child and encourage them to try all the yoga poses while following the story too. Click on the link below to get started.