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Tuesday 19th January

Australian Animals! Our Biggest Video of Animals in Australia for Kids

Learn about animals in Australia! These are some of the many different types of animals that live in Australia.

1. Watch the video clip about Australian animals. Do you recognise any? Which one is your favourite and why? 
2. There are lots of snakes in Australia. Did you see the snake in the video clip? Today you can practise your fine motor skills by creating a pasta snake by threading pasta onto string or wool. You could even paint your pasta to make it bright and colourful. 

3. Can you jump like a kangaroo? How many kangaroo jumps does it take to jump across your kitchen floor? How many kangaroo jumps does it take to go the whole way round your garden?

Have a go at counting how many jumps it takes you. Then have a go at recording that number. You can make marks for each jump you did or have a try to write the actual number.

Happy jumping kangaroos!