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Tuesday 15th September

Objective: I can recognise and share my feelings about my experiences about sadness.


Watch the colour monster book through to the sad monster page.


Make a jar of blue objects e.g. – blue pom poms, glitter, sequins in water. Sellotape the lid, label it as Sad – Blue. Or you could make a collage of blue items. 


Discuss shades of sadness.

E.g. Light blue- you might get over this in 5 minutes.

Dark blue- You might still feel sad about this the next day or week.

Sadness can be different levels. Give examples of what might be a light blue or dark blue sadness event. 

Discuss coping mechanisms for dealing with sadness.

e.g. tell an adult or friend or family member how you are feeling, hug a teddy bear, smiling at someone that is sad, do something you enjoy to cheer yourself up, deep breathing, resting or sleeping etc.



Watch video of tints and tones and shades.

Create different tints of blue (lighter) to darker blue (shades). Discussing the levels of sadness linked to each colour.

Children to paint each tint or tone onto a raindrop template with lines for each tint or tone to be painted.

Yr1- Chn to discuss what make a lighter or darker feeling of sadness.

Yr2- Chn to annotate their raindrop with an example of what would make a lighter feeling of sadness or a darker feeling of sadness. (use a post- it note)


Can you make a card for someone to help them feel better?