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Tuesday 26th

Welcome to Tuesday!

Literacy -

Mrs Cramp's Year 4 class - LIVE ZOOM guided reading session  9.30 AM

The text and questions we will be discussing are in the resources below, please DO NOT complete the questions before the zoom. 


Mr Jones' and Miss Townsend's Class - SPaG - Correct the mistakes!

Can you mark Mr Jones' work?

Mr Jones has written a short story but feels like he has made a few mistakes. Use your fantastic knowledge to correct his work! Make sure you correct it and neatly write the paragraph correctly.  We are always watching to give out any pen licences, so joined, neat writing.


Numeracy -Drawing Bar Models

Numeracy warm up for all video click HERE

You will need pen and paper


Year 3 and 4 Oak National Academy lesson 

Work through the lesson, complete the worksheet related to the lesson and then have a go at the extension task below. *This task is the same for Years 3 and 4 because the only skill we need to practise is drawing a bar chart ready for this afternoon's science activity. 

EXT: Year 4's could swot up and have a look at reading and drawing LINE graphs if they want to push themselves BBC Bitesize


Earned a break but still need something educational?

CBBC Home learning - 10.05 Celebrity Supply Teacher 

10.15 Horrible Histories, 11.15 Art Ninja



Science -Draw a bar graph to show the science investigation data

I can use results to draw simple conclusions and gather, record, classify and present data in a variety of ways

Watch Mrs Cramp's pre recorded science lesson videos Part 1    Part 2   Part 3

After you've watched the video, use the squared paper in the packs you collected, along with a ruler to draw your own bar chart for the permeability data from the experiment. Make sure you label all the axis. REMEMBER: horizontal is lying down, vertical is standing up. 



Daily Outdoor learning Challenge -  can you create a kite to fly using sticks from outdoors?


Why not catch up with the News with Newsround?


Reading with Mr Jones!


Best of luck and have a great day!