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Tuesday 2nd

Welcome to Tuesday!


9am assembly with Mrs Coleman - the link will be sent via Class DOJO


Spellings Year 3 - Homophones












Spellings Year 4 - Super










Literacy - Biographies

Walk through your text one last time or follow the video links as a reminder from Friday 26th 

Now write the David Attenborough Text - can you include all the things on the checklist:

  • I have used punctuation correctly throughout my work.
  • I have used paragraphs to structure my biography.
  • I have included information on when and where the person I am writing about was born.
  • I have put my biography in chronological order.
  • I have used pronouns so I do not repeat the person’s name
  • I have written in third person.
  • I have written about the person’s career and achievements throughout their life.
  • I have used time connectives in my work to clear structure it in chronological order.
  • I have written extra facts based on the person’s life. (Family, Religion, Number of children) etc.

There is a writing frame in the resource bank or you can write it up on lined paper or you can type it up.


Numeracy Warm Up for all click HERE


Numeracy -

Year 3 - Miss Townsend

The 3 times table -

Watch the video click HERE 

Complete the worksheet in the resource bank.


Year 3/4 - Mr Jones - Unit and Non-Unit fractions

Complete the sheet on Unit and Non-unit fractions based on what we learnt yesterday. If you wish to revise this, please click on this link.

Please complete the worksheet down below with fluency and reasoning skills. Then your extension is finding the correct picture with the fraction in the centre. Please complete either chilli 1 or chilli 2 depending on how confident you feel.


Year 4 Mrs Cramp and Mrs Burke - Equivalent Fractions (we're combining 2 lessons into 1)

Watch the WRM lesson video WATCH 1 HERE and WATCH 2 HERE

Complete the two worksheets - please let me know if you have any issues


Topic - Science

Investigation - Water Transportation

Activity 1 - Set up your experiment.


Celery (leafy ones work best)! or carnation, food colouring, a glass.

If you do not have these for today please do not panic, this can be done later in the week. Please click this link for the method.


Activity 2 - Look at Activity Prediction Puzzle (Just the first sheet, please ignore the second). Please put the 6 statements in either agree or disagree in relation to how water will transport through plants. 


Activity 3 - Please watch this video which explains the science behind how the water transports through the plant to the leaves. 


We will also be doing this investigation in class, so when children return on the 8th they will be able to see the water transporting in the classroom!

I have heard some of you have managed to grow your plants at home and discover which type of plant they are! Keep up the fantastic work, Dr Webster is very impressed!!


Earned a break but still need something educational?

CBBC Home learning - 10.05 Celebrity Supply Teacher 

10.15 Horrible Histories, 11.15 Art Ninja


Daily Challenge - FRENCH -  Days of the week -


Why not catch up with the News with Newsround?


Reading with Mr Jones!


Best of luck and have a great day!