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Whose Mummy is it? Overview and Introduction


We will continue to strive to fully support you and your child with their learning. However, most importantly, is the health of you, your children, your friends and family members.

Thank you so much for all of your support as we venture on our ‘Remote Learning’ journey together. You are doing a fabulous job supporting your children at home at these difficult times. Please do feel free to get in touch (via Class Dojo) if you need any more guidance on any of the following for support with any specifics for your child, we are here to support both your child and you, along this journey with us together.

Please note, there is not an expectation to print anything as we are aware that not everyone has this facility at home.
Whose Mummy is it? is a History based topic where the children will learn about the Ancient Egyptians and what life was like to live in this period of time. Children will become archaeologists, historian and embalmers during this topic as we explore the Ancient Egyptians including, pyramids, tombs, mummies, Gods and Goddesses and hieroglyphics.

We have linked the Literacy tasks with the topic theme too. In Literacy we will write recounts when we discover King Tutankhamun’s tomb and Newspaper articles to report on findings in the tomb. As well as this we will get digging in Chellaston and receive artefacts whilst working in the British Museum.

There are also a range of art activities linked to the topic, with art work linked to the River Nile, Egyptian Gods, Amulets and Mummies. A range of art, craft and creative ideas are in an additional document with images to support you.

Some tasks during this topic may suggest watching a clip on YouTube. Please ensure that children are monitored when using YouTube to help them with their learning

Daily suggestions will continue to be put onto the website ( to support you as we embark further on our ‘Remote Learning Journey’ – taking us over 5,000 years back in time to Ancient Egypt. 

Thanks again for your wonderful support during this time.

Best Wishes,
Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Wainwright and Mr. Jones.

Whose Mummy Is It? Overview and Introduction Document