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Around The World In 80 Days – Home Learning Topic Ideas

Summer 1 – Around the World in 80 Days topic introduction

Around the World in 80 Days is a Geography based topic where the children gain knowledge about a number of focus countries, there are plenty of cross curricular links too.

We link all of the curriculum to the topic, in Literacy we write information texts about countries and explore Stories from other cultures. There are also lot of fabulous artwork ideas from the different countries we ‘visit’ too.


We try to ‘visit’ a number of different countries from different continents during this topic, to give the children a broad range of experiences. The countries we would focus on at school would be France, Brazil, Australia and South Africa.

When we ‘visit’ the countries we complete initial facts about the country on a fact file sheet with key information. This often involves work using an atlas it would be great if you could share an atlas with your child during this topic, this is a suggested online one

We look at time zones later in the topic and compare the countries we have explored. We do this through a travel brochure which we create as we visit the different countries.


Please feel free to adapt any of the tasks to countries which you have links to with family members, favourite holiday destinations. You and your family will probably have exceptional knowledge of some countries which would be wonderful to share with your child and with us, as we can learn more about a wider range of countries!