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If you find yourself at home our Spring topics to be exploring are:

Science/Geography - Beneath our Feet

What is beneath the ground?

What is the ground, soil and rocks made of?

How many types of rock are there and how did they form?

What is a fossil and how did dinosaur bones survive so long?

Check out this awesome unit:

Visit the Natural History Museum for a virtual tour   Virtual tour



Artists often get their inspiration from nature. Andy Goldsworthy is no exception.

Can you produce a poster or powerpoint all about who Andy is? 

Where is he from? What materials does he use? Does he paint or sculpt?

Tate Art Gallery video  

Go outside video

Can you try to recreate his style of art? Do you like it? How does it compare to the extreme weather artists we studied last half term?



Why not continue to develop your coding skills?

Hour of Code Dance Party

or why not build some Andy Goldsworthy sculptures in Minecraft or produce a sketch in Scratch?