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Thursday 8th July

Good morning,

Here are a some home learning activities for you to try at home today if you would like to. 




In school, the children complete daily mindfulness and some days we talk about how we can use the skill we have been practising in school to help keep our minds healthy and happy. 


Todays mindfulness is about the 'I can't' monster which visits our children's minds so often. Hopefully this will help us all to spot it and squash it more and more. Click the link below to watch the mindfulness video. 


If the children would like an extra challenge then they could draw their I can't monster so that when he pops into their head they can find it and tell it "yes I can!" I would love to see any pictures of I can't monsters. I imagine that they could look quite strange peculiar! 

For our RE lessons this half term we are learning about what makes people inspiring and looking at people who are inspiring in different religions and faiths. 


Today we are going to learn another story about a new inspiring person. This time the person is called Muhammad. Read the story of The Crying Camel (in school we would read this to the children). You could ask the children if they have any questions about the story as it unfolds. After you could ask the children questions about the story such as;

What can you tell me about Muhammad?

What kind of person is Muhammad?

Why do you think he is inspirational?


For the activity afterwards we would like the children to draw a picture of the camel from the story.


Year 1- could the children write words around the camel to show how the camel would describe Muhammad.

Year 2- Underneath the camel picture children to write sentences to show what the camel thinks of Muhammad.


In PE we have been practising for sports day by trying running races, relay races, hurdles, sack races and the egg and spoon race. So, at home today, could the children try one of the following challenges.

1.  Time challenge- can they try running between 2 fixed points e.g. the top and bottom of the garden or 2 points in a room and see how many lengths they can run within a given time. Then repeat trying to improve their score each time. 

2. Egg and spoon- could the child try creating something similar to an egg nd spoon e.g. a bouncy ball on a spoon) and complete an obstacle course or a route around the house/flat trying to keep the 'egg' on the 'spoon'.

3. Jumping race- some of the children are finding jumping forwards with 2 feet off the ground tricky for our sack race so could they practise jumping forwards in a line from one point to another. They could time them selves and try to get faster.