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Thursday 4th June

Thursday 4th June


Year 1 


Phonics - 

Live streaming Daily phonics lessons - set 4


Maths-Counting patterns

  • Can you look for patterns on the hundred square when counting in 2’s, then 5’s then 10’s. Select 1-100 square?  

How much money is in my jar- (In resources) Mixed counting in 2p, 5p and 10p


Maths Shape labelling game.

BBC Bitesize shape activities-

-Jack and the Beanstalk shape hunt- Choose the level of challenge as there are two options. (In resources). Answers could be written on paper and help can be given for the trickier shapes of needed.

Can you begin this unit by reading or watching the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’

  • Can you make a model of an animal for the aliens to look at? This could be a pet or it could be an animal that from a habitat that you liked. You can make your model out of recycled items from home, plasticine, clay, playdough or anything else you can think of. (Extra science challenge- the model that you have made has never been alive. Can you compare how your model is similar and different to the living animal? Record your ideas under the heading similar and different e.g. They both have 4 legs- similar. The real animal can breathe-different).  
  • Why not paint or collage a picture of the aliens for them to hang up in their new home? Templates in resources

Year 2 

Phonics - 

Phonics play - speed trial challenge and race to the south pole track game. 


Dictated Sentences

Can you listen to a sentence being read to you, remember it and write it down? Think carefully about spelling, punctuation and handwriting.


  • Spelling Dictation PowerPoint- can you read these sentences to your child one at a time and then compare what they have written with the sentence on the presentation.  •
  • Listen to the story Aliens love underpants and choose some simple sentences from the story to write. Listen to them first, pause the story, then (without looking) write them down. You could ask an adult to help you choose some good sentences from the story.



Recap traditional tales that we have read so far. You could always use a search engine to find the names of different traditional stories to see if you have any at home. 


Jack and the Beanstalk - read, listen to or watch.

 Can you imagine that you are Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk? You have just got back home after climbing down the huge beanstalk. You have arrived home with the hen who lays golden eggs and the magic harp. Can you write some sentences or a short diary entry about what happened when you climbed the beanstalk, how you felt when you were there and how you feel now that you are home? Example in resources.



2D shapes continued from yesterday

  • Powerpoint recaps on names and properties but also involves some reasoning. (In resources

Complete ‘2D shape questions’- a mixture of

  • questions relating to properties. (In resources).

Properties-Of-2D-Shapes Worksheet- Choose the level of challenge as there are two options. (In resources). Answers could be written on paper instead.


Can you make different shaped sun catchers for your window? (See examples in resources)

Can you play ‘guess what shape I am’ game with someone in your house? You each have to put a shape on each other’s head using sticky notes, by holding it above your head or if you have the headbands game use a headband from that. You could use a picture of the shape or write its name but you cannot see what you have on your head. You must ask each other questions that can only be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and use the answers to guess which 2D shape you are. The first to guess correctly wins the round. You can ask question such as ‘Do I have more than 4 sides?’



Let’s make alien space ships


Begin to think about what an alien space ship would look like, what shape would it be? What colour? Would it have doors, flashing lights, a window?

On paper design the shape of their ships first, thinking about what they have available to them, do they want a door which can come down to let the aliens out, do they want a light on it etc.

Labels could be added to their designs to share details and they may want to make a list of items they will need to go and find to be able to make it e.g. a carboard box, a toilet roll tube, tin foil, 

Send us a photograph we would love to see your spaceships. 


Outdoor challenge 

Collect some leaves, stones or sticks together to make an alien spaceship landing pod.