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Thursday 4th March

Woodpeckers and Hummingbirds Phonics


Read the sentence below and draw a picture to show you have understood.


The goat got in the car to go to the swimming pool.

Maths - Roll the Dice Doubling

Maths - Roll the Dice and Doubling 

Have a go at rolling a dice and then working out a double. If you haven't got a di, why don't you try an online di.



See how many you can get in a minute. Set yourself a timer and try and beat it.

Rainbow Collage (after zoom)

Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

Mindfulness Tasting

Choose a snack for our mindfulness tasting session. We are going to use our five senses to investigate our snack.



What shapes can you see on your snack? What colours can you see? 



Does your snack make a sound? What can you hear if you try squashing it a little bit? 



What does your snack feel like? Is it smooth, bumpy or rough? Is it hard or soft? Is it hot or cold?



What does your snack smell like? Do you like the smell? Why/why not?



Close your eyes and put your snack on your tongue. Don't chew it just yet. Think about what it feels like in your mouth. Can you taste anything yet? Now start chewing. Does the taste of your snack change? What does it taste like? Do you like the taste?